Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More "Best of 2010" shit

Before I get started on what is probably going to be a long post, I want to share what I've spent the majority of today doing....

After getting Lauren Conrad's book Style for Christmas, and falling madly in love with it, I decided to clean out my room, move some shit around, and, of course, clear out my overflowing wardrobe. As most people know, I'm not a girly girl. I'm not into shopping or anything, I only just started learning shit about make-up this year, and most of the time I wouldn't be considered glamorous. But I love fashion, and I love clothes, and I've spent years experimenting and taking ridiculous chances, to ultimately create my very own style.

What is that style? I'm not quite sure. I've decided that I get a lot of style influences from Kat von D, Kristen Stewart, Chibi and, of course, Hayley Williams. But other than that, the only way I'd really describe my style is tomboyish, kinda grungy and never too fussy or over put together (in work, it's totally different!).

But since Lauren suggested cleaning out the wardrobe, in order to have a better understanding of what one has, doesn't have and needs, I did exactly that. I was very impressed to discover that I had everything on her "wardrobe staples" lists, although her variations were a lot more conservative than mine. Here are the awe-inspiring before and after shots. This took me three hours to sort out, bearing in mind that a lot of my clothes were not in my wardrobe.

Prepare to be amazed!



I am so proud! I have everything divided up according to colour and style, all of my reconstructed tees together, basics, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, jackets, shirts...this makes me very excited, which I guess is kinda girly, but no matter. I am proud. I don't know how long this is going to last, but for the moment it's awesome to have everything in order. My head feels much clearer as a result. The rest of my room looks good too, in case you're wondering.

Anyway! Christmas was just a couple of days ago, but I don't really want to blab on about it for this post, although it was pretty good this year. The mental weather kind of fucked everything up, but besides that it was pretty awesome. Got some cool shit (new Docs!!!), spent some quality time with the family, ate lots, drank lots, watched Edward Scissorhands and cried like a baby... The emo got me the most incredible present I've ever got - three pencil drawings by Aaron Alexovich (one of my favourite artists) of Kat, Hayley and Chibi, my three idols, in frames decorated with stars in a colour that related to each chick, and Nightmare Before Christmas stickers. They're amazing! He totally showed me up!!!

Okay enough bullshit, it's time to get on to the best and worst of 2010 (the worst list, just like last year, will be small). I hope I don't forget anything...but if I do, it doesn't mean that it wasn't awesome, it just means I've a fucking terrible memory!

Let me just say, though, before I begin, that 2010 was a fucking deadly year, and thank you very much to everybody who made it so!

Finishing college
I'll be honest, by the end
of my four year course, despite how much I still loved what I was doing, I was fucking sick of it... I was sick of the work, the stupid fucking egomaniacs I was forced into working with and, at times, taking orders from, and I was just fucking bored overall. The recession was in full swing, and I was terrified that, after choosing to be part of an industry that was creative and didn't guarantee a paid job directly after college (or ever), I would end up broke, on the dole, and suicidal. I was dying to get out into the world and start living by my rules, actually having a life in Dublin (if that is actually possible) and making some fucking money. Graduation itself was pretty boring, and the ball was fairly meh too, but whatever. I graduated without my hat on, which meant I was treated like a bad ass once again without actually doing anything of note (seriously, I'm rarely trying to make a statement, I just do things without thinking). Oh, and I had a pretty awesome dress for the ball too! And a giant spider ring!! All's well that ends well, I guess.

The gigs
I didn't go to that many gigs this year, surprisingly. But I did see the Rocky Horror Show live, which was fucking amazing. I also saw WWE Raw live...that was pretty fucking cool. But, asides from those, I did get to see two of my favourite bands, Lostprophets, and Paramore too. And I saw one of my favourite comedians, Bill Bailey, which was incredible. I feel as if I'm forgetting a few, because I couldn't honestly have just seen two fucking bands this year...but I guess maybe I did. The Lostprophets gig was a special one, because it was my sister's first ever rock gig. And because they were awesome. Ian Watkins is still one of my favourite frontmen, and after seeing the Prophets perform with exactly as much enthusiasm in front of a festival crowd and the paltry amount assembled in the Academy, I know that I'm going to love them forever. Paramore was special for obvious reasons!! I mean, we queued for 8 hours, stayed in a luxurious hotel, got so close to Hayley we could almost smell her...and the gig itself kicked major ass! I still get the same rush going to gigs as I did when I was a little fifteen-year-old grunge kid, which is kick ass. And 2011 is already looking great for gigs, with Rob Zombie and Rock im Park in June, and possibly Slipknot later in the summer.

The people
I'm incredibly lucky with the people that I have in my life, and that was especially apparent this year. At 22, I'm lucky to have several best friends, whom I know and love and trust with my life. They are there for me when I need them (and vice versa), call me out when I'm behaving like a twat, make me laugh, make me cry, keep things exciting, and impress me every day with how creative, artistic, intelligent, talented, beautiful and wonderful they all are. They are all different and strange in their own ways, which means we rarely all become obsessed with the same band or want to see the same film or do the same thing. Thank fuck, otherwise it'd get totally boring! I've learned, especially over the last few years, that it's better to be surrounded by people with their own voices, than sheep who would rather say nothing and keep the peace. Scooby is a MASSIVE Green Day fan, and by the logic of most crazed fans, she and I shouldn't really be buds because I love Paramore, sworn enemies of GD (according to fans, they're not actually enemies). But I believe Scoob and I have more fun comparing and contrasting our opposing bands, as opposed to if we both queued for GD shows together and then discussed it afterwards! Of course, I'm a bit too old to be making new friends at this stage of my life (har de har) so it only makes sense that I adore the ones I've got! However, I did sort of make a few new friends this year, or more correctly, I got closer to a couple of people who were already in my life, i.e. Rich and Ally, who are possibly the coolest couple I know. We'd never really got that much time to chat and get to know each other, not to mention the fact that one of their closest friends fucking hates me, but between the end of last year, and this year, we really got on the same page and that was fucking awesome.

The other new friend I made was a totally new friend, made through the rather shit means of Facebook and mutual friends (I can't remember the exact reason we got talking, but it wasn't a very good one!). We bonded over shared love of stupid emo shit like Lenore and Tim Burton, piercings, tatts and people generally thinking the two of us are dirty whores. It's been fun! I always feel like the weirdest one out of my group of friends, because let's face it, I do look and act the weirdest. But new mate made me feel positively normal! In the short space of time we've known each other (less than a year, I believe) I've vomited in front of this dude twice, been unashamedly drunk (while he was almost ridiculously sober, patient and pleasant), passed out on his sofa and been unable to get up for the following twelve hours, relentlessly made fun of him (and vice versa), been literally picked up off my feet by him, been given shitloads of drink and food and bizarrely perfect insights into life and love and what the fuck we're all really doing here... I think that I would be him if I were male, especially since he is far more feminine than I. Whether we are actual friends or just acquaintances remains to be seen, because sadly we're still kind of in that limbo area where it's unclear whether we can just call each other up or get angry or whatever. I still have some serious trust issues, too, so I'm reluctant to get close to anyone and get hurt...but I will forever be grateful to him for pretending he hadn't heard me puke when he obviously had, feeding me and taking care of me when he really didn't have to, and, of course, giving me his hoodie to hide the fact that I was in work in the same dress as the day before. Whatever fucking happens, he made 2010 memorable, to say the least! Oh, and Noodles is totally in love with him, which makes it even better! I'd stick in a photo of them snuggling up to each other the first time they ever met...but I won't, because the mental image is probably better.

The tatts
This year, I got tattooed on my birthda
y, as has become customary over the past couple of years (the word "Liebe" on my right wrist), which was awesome, but the really awesome tattooing experience of this year was, of course the four-hour marathon session that resulted in the most beautiful, full-colour tattoo on my lower right leg of the dreamiest dream girl of all time, Ramona Flowers. The emo has since been back to my tattoo artist to get his arm inked, and took great pleasure in being told all about how me and Scooby wouldn't shut up during the time he'd tattooed me. I love my tattoo artist. He is very sexy and incredibly talented, not to mention totally mental. I'm already planning when I can head into him for my first tattoo of 2011 (once he returns, because of course, he isn't Irish). Being under his needle is a mind-blowing experience (and yes, I know how bad that sounds). I got pierced this year too, of course, but being tattooed, I must admit, is a far more exciting and fulfilling experience...probably cos it lasts longer and hurts an almost unbelievable amount! I can't wait for more in 2011... Here is me, slightly drunk and dressed like a lolita sailor chick, showing off my tatt without showing off my undies (somehow). Although this is kind of a shit photo, I still think my tatt looks awesome in it. I don't even really remember the pain! Ooh now I'm itching for a new one...should continue on with this list and distract myself!!

The job
I've written at length about how happy I am to be working, how lucky to have found a job, blah blah blah, so I won't bore anyone any further with it here. But I am loving what I'm doing, not to mention that it's pretty fucking awesome to finally have a life in stupid Dublin. Now I'm finally working towards getting the hell out of here, and that in itself is amazing. So if there is one thing that I am thankful for this year, it is definitely my job. I really cannot stress that enough!

Awesome nights out
One of the best things about having a job, thus making money, means that I can do more stuff than I could do dream of doing before, from weekends in London, to nights out in bars that makes this city seem less shit. That has resulted in some of the maddest, filthiest,
roughest and coolest nights out than ever before. I finally found a clubbing buddy in Noodles, and we've had some of the best times out dancing to silly pop music and drinking cocktails. I do quite like clubbing every now and again, although clubbing folk usually think I'm quite kinky because of how I look and/or how I'm dressed... Of course, we still frequent our favourite rock bar, and get fucked up there on a regular basis because, let's face it, nobody cares. And we found some cool new places to go as well, which has been fucking awesome. We haven't been going out every night or anything, but when we do go out, it kicks major ass, whether there are two of us, or twenty. And, surprisingly enough, we've managed to find a balance between having fun sober and drunk! The Zombie Walk was another awesome experience, even though it cost nothing!! It was so much fun, and so silly. I got a lot of shit from my mother for turning up covered in blood to a family dinner afterwards, but it was totally worth it!!!

My totally awesome relationship
At the risk of sounding totally mushy, it's been a great year for the emo and I. We celebrated a year together on Halloween,
managed to still see each other as often as possible despite how crazy busy we both are, and we've become even closer than we were before (if that's actually possible). He is my best friend and the one person I trust most in the world. He was there for me when other people let me down, even queueing for four hours in the freezing cold with me to meet Kat von D, and watching silly horror movies with me despite the fact he doesn't particularly appreciate the genre. We give each other shit all the time, we are totally ourselves around each other, and we love each other more and more every day. He showed me with his Christmas present that he knows me better than I probably know myself, and I cannot imagine my life without him. He can be a total shit at times, of course, but even when we argue it doesn't last long, because we know each other so well that after a bit we just give up and get over ourselves!!! It's amazing to be in a healthy relationship with no pretenses and no bullshit. It's very new for me, I must admit!!

My new hair colour
After three years of wrecking my hair with bleach, which resulted in me having to cut it all off towards the end of last year, I decided to take action and, in January, dyed it a deep, permanent black-black. I say "black-black" because everybody else I know with black hair uses "blue-black" and I feel as if perhaps I'm the only person in the whole city dying it black-black (which makes it even more infuriating that Boots always seems to be out of the stuff!). Anyway, it's not a hugely significant life-changing thing...except that it kind of is, because it has totally changed my face and makes me look and feel soooo much better! I love being dark, it suits my personality so much more than the blonde did, even though it isn't as extreme. Ever since I was 14, I've been changing my hair on a regular basis, and the only colour I ever stuck with was white blonde. Now, I think I may stick with black-black for a while which, madly enough, is a serious deal to me!! Oh, and my hair actually looks and feels like hair now, which is pretty fucking cool, because I didn't ever think I'd get there!

Honourable mentions
Meeting Kat von D was fucking amazing, but since I've already devoted a whole post to that, I'll just stick it in here at the end! It was awesome! I still get goosebumps thinking about it!
- There were some awesome movies out this year, and it was a decent year for horror too, which was cool. Again, already dedicated a post to that.
- My trip to London, with Saz, in September was really, really good fun. It's become sort of an annual thing now, to go to London (or, more specifically, Camden) and shop till I drop. I've already made plans to go again in the new year. It gets better every time. And this year, we got to see Charley too!
- System Of A Down were announced as the headliners for next year's RIP. This made my whole fucking year, because I didn't think I'd ever get to see them live!!

Best Of 2010
- Album:
Either Pins and Needles - The Birthday Massacre or Diamond Eyes - Deftones. Both of these albums, in my opinion, were ground-breaking. TBM and Deftones have been two of my favourite bands for a long time now, and both never cease to surprise me. These are my two favourite albums of 2010 because I love every single track on both, loved both instantly, was intrigued and delighted by the quality, direction and feel of both. These are albums that will definitely stand the test of time, for sure.
- Book: I read lots and lots of Dennis Lehane this year, but I can't recall if any of the books I read were published this year, likewise those by Daniel Waters. I loved both of Kevin Smith and Kat von D's books, but if I had to choose the best novel I've read this year (I don't think it came out this year, but oh well) it'd be Generation Dead by Daniel Waters, because not only was the protagonist a goth, but the story refrained from being Twilight-esque syrupy bullshit, and actually asked some real questions about the dynamics of society and how teenage friendships and relationships function.
- Movie: Already did this! Either Inception or Toy Story 3. For horror, definitely Frozen.
Gig: Paramore in the O2. Nuff said!
- Comic book: I love love love Scott Pilgrim, but this year I re-discoverd Aaron Alexovich's Serenity Rose and Roman Dirge's classic Lenore. What can I say? I'm a sucker for goth comics!
- Song: Possibly Shallow Grave by TBM or Rocket Skates by Deftones... My clubbing song was definitely Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida, while my song to rock out to was Oildale by Korn.
- Guilty Pleasure: 30 Seconds To Mars! Jared Leto's vanity project are totally over the top and silly, but I must admit, I do love a few of their songs! And he's so pretty to look at!!
- New obsession: Gossip Girl recaps on New York magazine's website. Too fucking funny. Mega64 are my new old obsession, because they are that good!
- Hottest chick: Kristen Stewart. She didn't wear a bra for the duration of The Runaways, I still have yet to recover from it! And she is gay, no matter what anyone says. She is.
- Hottest dude:
The gorgeous Jared Leto, any of the Mega64 guys, CM Punk (om nom nom), Robert Sheehan...there were a lot of hot dudes this year, it's difficult to decide!
- Fashion icon: Hayley, Kat, Kristen. They inspire me with their rock 'n' roll attitude, grungy sensibilities and refusal to dress pretty or girly unless they absolutely have to!
- Accessory of the year: Probably my big, silver cross that I got for my grad. Or my trusty Cons.
- Biggest achievements: Finding a job, doing it, fitting in in an office environment, finishing college, keeping my relationship going, liking who I am...etc!

The Lows
Thankfully, there were very few low points this year. I didn't have many low points personally at all, asides from a few run-ins with stupid girls, threats from jealous, insecure girlfriends and the fear of my new job and new people to fit in with. Overall, this year has been a damn good one. The state of the country is not something that I particularly feel like writing about here, not because it doesn't concern me, but due to the fact that I gave up on this place a long time ago and am simply working now to get the hell out of here. Ireland sucks. End of.

The two biggest low points of this year were probably the deaths in the metal world, and the weird non-break-up of Paramore. First, the passing of Pete Steele, Ronnie James Dio and, of course, Paul Gray, were incredibly upsetting and left the metal world shocked and reeling for months afterwards. I've loved Type O Negative since I was a little goth kid, so Pete dying was dreadful. Dio's songs with Sabbath and solo are the soundtrack to my favourite rock bar, so every time I hear them my heart hurts. And, of course, Paul Gray dying means the end of one of my all-time favourite bands. I still can't watch the Slipknot press conference, because it makes me cry to this day. And seeing Corey Taylor struggling through Bother at DL last summer was truly heart-breaking. We lost some amazing men this year, and they will never be forgotten.

The other downer this year happened just last week. I've written at length about it, so I won't repeat myself here. I am very upset that Josh and Zac Farro have left Paramore, thus changing the band forever, and I am even more disheartened by Josh's attack on Hayley in the media. However, this simply ushers in a new era for the band, one which I am really looking forward to, and I have no doubt in my mind that the band will go from strength to strength.

So...that's it for 2010!! It's been a fucking awesome year...can't wait for the next one! Bring on 2011!!!!!

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