Tuesday, July 13, 2010

As good as it gets (at least so far!)

I've sat down about a hundred times over the past few months to write a post in here, but I've never managed to finish one. Perhaps this time I will! So, it's been a long while since I've blogged and an awful lot has changed over the past while so let's try to catch up a bit, shall we?

I finished college and got an amazing grade that I never expected, so all's well that ends well I guess. I went to a smaller college than most, so I never really felt like I got that real college experience that most people get. I loved my course though, and while I never really felt like I fit in or people really got me, I managed to make two best friends who I will keep for life. I also managed to create a friend out of an enemy, which is a pretty huge achievement, I think. I'm very happy that I chose to study journalism, because I now know more than ever that I want to write for the rest of my life, no matter what medium. I'm also glad I studied German too, because not only did I have the best experience of my entire life on Erasmus in Munich, but I've got a second language, which opens an endless amount of doors for me. All in all, my college experience was a good one, and I'm glad I stuck it out because there were times when I really felt like I couldn't. I learned a lot about life and love and everything in between, but most of all I learned a lot about myself.

Since I finished up, I've been writing every single day. My home life is a bit complicated still, seeing as my mother is feeling the strain of having a waster for a son and an asshole for an ex-husband. She used to take that stress out on me, but thankfully she has had a new man in her life for the best part of a year, and he has been the voice of reason, and often my only cheerleader. I'm not rich and famous quite yet, but I'm making money and I'm doing what I love so I'm happy. On top of that, I'm in the best relationship of my life with the most awesome guy I could ever ask for. Sometimes I find myself wondering how the fuck I got so lucky, but I suppose I must have built up my karma in a past relationship because things could not be better. Life in this city is the same as ever, but there's still room for new friends and some amazing nights out so I'm content here for the time being. I'm dying to get out and see more of the world, but the timing isn't quite right yet.

I'm itching to get more piercings, and my next tattoo is all planned out. I finally found a worthy artist in this city and I can't wait to get it done, but the funds aren't there yet. Soon though!

Hayley Williams has become one of my strongest role models, especially in the wake of a scandal involving a topless photo she sent to her boyfriend. A lot of people (by people I mean Christian fundamentalists and 15-year-old girls) were disappointed in her, but it made me like her even more because now she seems even more human to me, not to mention even more like me. It took me a really, really long time to figure out who I was, but I know now and if there is anybody I look up to, it's Hayley. And Kat von D, because she's completely self-made...actually, there are lots of women I look up to. But Hayley is one of the key players right now. I mostly look up to strong women who aren't afraid to be different, especially those who refuse to be girly or overly feminine just to be accepted. That being said, I still don't connect with a lot of females (unless it's in a romantic way). I have less than five close girl friends, and none of them are in any way girly or conventional (which is awesome).

Paul Gray, the Slipknot bassist, passed away on May 24th and, as a result, a band I've loved for the past ten years are pretty much over. There's talk of them doing a tour dedicated to his memory, with an unmasked guest bassist playing his parts, but if that does happen it'll be the last thing they do together as a band. Words cannot explain how much Slipknot mean to me, or how much they've meant to me over the past ten years. I've only seen them live twice, and both times they blew me away. Their music made me feel less alone when I was a depressed, suicidal teenager and they've helped me work through my anger and pain in times of serious distress. Slipknot have always been there for me, and will probably continue to be there despite Paul's death, whether they break up or not. I wish I could write an entire entry about what his death means to me, about what this band means to me, but I dunno if I'll ever find the time to do so. But it was almost two months ago at this stage and it still hurts just as much.

Pete Steele, lead singer of Type O Negative also passed away on April 14th. I've loved Type O Negative since I was a little Goth teenager, and his death really shocked me because, although they're not the kind of band I listen to on a daily basis, I still love them to bits and couldn't imagine my life without their music. Pete was ten years older than Paul when he died, but he was still quite a young man. With the two of them dying, and Dio, it's been a bad few months for metal. Luckily, I have absolute faith in this genre as one that cannot and will not die. As Corey Taylor once said, metal is the only genre of music that gives teenagers a positive outlet to unleash their anger. It's better to do so in a moshpit than on the streets with a knife, after all.

What else...

The Scott Pilgrim movie is about to come out in August, but the sixth book is coming out beforehand on July 20th. I am so so so so SO excited!!! My next tattoo is SP themed too, which should coincide nicely with the movie's release. I've also given the honour by Aaron Alexovich, writer and creator of the Serenity Rose comic book series, to translate his amazing stuff into German, which is an absolutely amazing opportunity, and even though it's a lot of work, I don't mind because it's so much fun!

There are three Kristen Stewart movies due out by the end of this year, the first of which I'm seeing tomorrow. I've been collecting all of her magazine covers too, I am just that obsessed with her. Not only is she sexy as hell, she's tomboyish, laidback, awkward and totally down to earth. If I were rich and famous, I'd be her (only not as hot, obviously!!).

I just got tickets to see one of my favourite bands, Paramore, for the third time in November. I missed them when they played with Green Day and (sob!!) Joan Jett and the Blackhearts the other week, but my good bud Scoob (who follows GD around the world) got me a lovely photo of Hayley from the Paris show so I was happy. This will be my little sister's second rock gig, and it is such an honour for me to be the one to take her again. She wants to queue outside to get up the front too, which is fine by me. The closer to Hayley we are, the better! Lately I've had to defend Paramore a lot, but I don't really mind. I love this band, they're fun and talented and they rock live. I'm lucky that Scooby loves GD though, because it means I feel a bit less sad for loving Paramore so much! Lately it's becoming more apparent to me that real friends and real boy/girlfriends are those that one can be totally goofy and silly around.

I should probably give honourable mention to my two bestest friends in the world, Noodles and Scooby. Collectively, we are Team JIR, i.e. the maddest and best people to party with. We've had a lot more time to hang out lately, whether it's because the timing is just right or we've been making more of an effort, but it's been awesome. Whether we're getting hammered and rocking out or eating too much junk food while bitching about the bands on Kerrang, we always have the best time together and I dunno what I would do without them. Life wouldn't be worth living!

I dunno what else to write about really....life is fucking awesome right now, and the best is yet to come because it hasn't even really begun yet! I should really blog more though...if only I could find the time!

Song of the day: Paramore - Looking Up.

Currently reading: I've taken a break from Dennis Lehane to read Lauren Conrad's LA Candy. I am not ashamed!
Currently listening to: Lots and lots of Paramore, plus Deftones and Murderdolls. Again, I am not ashamed!
Currently wearing: I have become re-obsessed with band T-shirts, so lots and lots of those, either loose or customised and grungy. I've been rotating my many pairs of drainpipes too, my current favourites being my neon pink ones (just like Hayley's!!). Still loving my leather jacket and Cons.
Currently feasting my eyes on: Kristen Stewart! Lots of Miami Ink and LA Ink, Tim Burton shorts and the Scott Pilgrim series all over again in preparation for the new one.