Monday, March 29, 2010

Your mouth is like a funeral, where kisses go to die

Shit, it's been a while...maybe I have no life anymore...

All right, let's get started then, shall we? It's Monday and it's exactly 15.17 as I type these first few words. It is lashing rain outside and has been for the entire day so far. I'm in the library in college, where I practically live these days, staring out at the rain, hugging the radiator next to me for warmth and writing this blog instead of doing more work. I've been here since 10AM and this is my one and only proper break, so I'm taking full advantage (sort of).

I dunno why I started writing this when I've nothing really of interest to say...

Life has been pretty boring and routine as of late. Like I said, I've been doing nothing but college work pretty much since my birthday. I've been doing one to two hours of cardio every night because I had a three day long depressive episode last week and haven't felt right since (I worked through it, I'm that much of a lunatic). I haven't been out, I've barely seen any of my friends. I make time for the emo on weekends but it's never enough. He's exhausted too because he's just finished up his portfolio for college. I really hope he gets in, he really really deserves it. I also hope that, when this is all over in...what...five weeks time? I hope it's worth it and I get a first. I deserve it, I've been working tirelessly. And, judging by our careers talk last week (which 7 out of 32 people in my class attended) there isn't much to celebrate once this degree is done. Apart from it being done, of course.

I've been thinking a lot about the future lately. Actually, "thinking" isn't the right word...more like "panicking". Unfortunately, my passion is part of a very tough industry. We were told at the careers talk, by a working journalist no less, that we'd be better off getting the hell out of here, working in another country and returning with more experience under our belts because otherwise the chances of getting a job are slim to none. The current economic crisis doesn't help, clearly, but journalism is a tough industry regardless and it's not the kind where one can step into a job right after college. So moving seems like the most viable option career-wise, which is fine by me.

I've been dying to get out of here ever since I got back from Munich. It's becoming increasingly clear to me that travelling is the best option for a full life. I mean, I love Dublin, and I probably always will. But I want to see other places, experience different cultures, make friends all over the world. Right now, I've got a hundred different places I'd love to move to but the top four are probably Berlin, London, San Diego and Toronto. Toronto is number one because it's the furthest away and seems like a pretty cool city to live in. I'd love to be somewhere with really cold winters and really hot summers. Toronto has been my dream place for almost a year, with Berlin and San Diego close behind. Berlin would be awesome because it's such an amazing city, and because I'd get to speak German all the time. San Diego is warm and I could stalk Mega64 and go to comic con. London has felt like home my whole life, but it's not where I want to go first because it isn't unknown enough for me. Anyway, I don't know why I'm getting excited about this now because I will need to save up a SHITLOAD of money before I get to leave here. It'll be worth it though. I feel as if, when college ends, I'm going to be just itching to get my life started. Actually I'm itching a bit now. The end is so close, but it's not really the's more like the beginning.. I hope that doesn't sound too corny!

In other news, the Scott Pilgrim versus The World teaser trailer came out last week and the final book is due for release on July 20th which means it's going to be an AWESOME summer no matter what else happens (although hopefully the weather will be good too). The films looks pretty awesome, the Batman-esque sound effects like POW! look really fun and Chris Evans (Gideon), Anna Kendrick (Stacey Pilgrim) and Kieran Culkin (Wallace Wells) all look like they're going to do an amazing job (okay Wallace wasn't in the trailer, but there's no way he'll be crap) but the casting for Ramona and Scott is really bugging me. First off, Michael Cera is once again playing HIMSELF. Scott Pilgrim is not goofy and quiet like Cera's usual characters, he's oblivious, silly and a hopeless romantic. He's ditzy as opposed to goofy, kind of careless and lazy and likeable all at the same time. There were moments in the trailer when Cera looked like he might do a decent Scott Pilgrim but mostly not. As for Mary Elizabeth Winstead...she looked as if she was reading badly off an autocue, like she didn't believe her own fucking lines. Although the part when they were in bed together melted my dirty little heart. She doesn't look like nerd dream girl material at all... However, it was only a teaser and I will still be excited for this no matter what.

Speaking of movies, my Mam was over in Newcastle visiting her manfriend this past weekend so the emo was over hanging out with me and my sis (and my brother and his friends who popped in from time to time and were obnoxious but funny, as always). He brought over the brand new New Moon Rifftrax and they were fucking AWESOME! We were laughing so hard we were crying. I'll never be able to repay him for introducing me to so many brilliant things. We watched Mega64 Version 3 too and my sis, of course, developed a crush on Shawn Chatfield (who wouldn't!?). And we ate junk food. And we watched all of the Sunday night reality TV shit. And it was fucking deadly. I've never been as happy as I am with the emo. I don't know what I'd do without him. I can't imagine him ever hating me but I know there's a possibility that he might. It scares me, but I have to try to be strong like Ramona (yes, I know she's fictional but even so) and just take each day as it comes and be happy, which I am. Finally.

Today begins my two week Easter break, but seeing as I am in the library it's probably pretty clear that I have little intention of actually taking a break. I've got plans to see Scooby and Noodles later in the week which will kick major ass because I haven't seen them in over a month and we have so much to discuss. Scoob is trying to convince me to come see Green Day in Marlay Park in June, with her and her die-hard fan friends. I don't like GD much anymore, but the almighty Paramore are supporting and, seeing as the GD loons (not meant offensively, I am a 22-year-old proud maggot after all) are camping overnight, thus cementing their places at the barrier right in front of the stage...well...the question is, would I pay 60 quid to see Hayley up close..?


Time to get back to work. There are people to be trolled on FB (another hobby of the emo's that I adore) and feminist readings to be ploughed through (Greer and Zoonen need to leave me alone and stop trying to convince me that all men are pigs). I'm sure this post was life-changing. No need to thank me.

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